NINETS Vetting Protocols

Nui is the first organization to establish professional vetting protocol in the NET arena. The Institute for New Energy Technology Standards (NINETS) is a team of experienced engineers and scientists who use high quality measurement equipment and protocols to assess and vet New Energy Technology. To date, NINETS have found just 5% of NET work out of 100’s vetted over 10 years.
For the past hundred years, the NET Arena has existed as an underground web of scientists, engineers and enthusiasts all over the world. However, since NET is outside of mainstream business and academic spheres, there are no standards to determine legitimacy. Our purpose is to infuse truth and integrity in the NET Arena that will become widespread.

Advanced Designing

The Nui Foundation has established the NUI SIM™ Electromagnetic Simulation capability using world class design software and super-computing.
The NUI SIM™ team assesses and optimizes the design of New Energy Technologies before anything is built, saving time and money as designs can be proved or disproved in the simulation tools first.
If the design works, then the simulation tools can optimize the performance of the design prior to physically building.

Collaborative Incubation

"One or two trees do not make a forest. We are being asked to collaborate to see the change we wish to see in the world.”

- Nui guiding philosophy


Nui believes that just one or two R&D teams will not make the global impact required by NET. Instead, we believe that NET will only appear when many R&D teams collaborate openly and in a spirit of freedom.
Therefore, Nui is creating the NuiTech Incubation Portal to cross-pollinate ideas with our network of Inventors, R&D teams, and Manufacturing Partners.

NET Manufacturing

Nui has established an R&D and mass manufacturing facility in Scotland, UK, to research, develop, innovate, design and distribute Nui Tech™
Nui is committed to building New Energy Technologies that never end up in landfill therefore, all products will be designed, using the principles of the Circular Economy, meaning zero waste throughout the lifecycle of the products.
We also support and are developing frameworks for Inclusive and Decentralized Local Manufacturing.