Karsten van Asdonk
New Energy

NET in-depth

New Energy Technologies are open-system energy generators that are often referred to as “over-unity devices.” Simply, over-unity means that it delivers more power out than the power needed to make the device work. By this definition, solar panels and wind turbines are considered over unity because the power in comes from the Sun and Wind, without our input. However, these conventional renewable technologies are inefficient, rely heavily upon weather conditions and take up a lot of space.
What makes NETs exceptional are its reliable, abundant energy source. Through different ways, NETs create conditions for the quantum energy field, that infinitely exists all around us, to provide an additional power so that more power is delivered than what it takes to keep the device running.


Nui incubates dozens of New Energy Technologies from Technology Teams all over the world. These technologies, known as Nui Tech™, fall into three main categories, covering a wide range of commercial applications


Can save between 50% and 90% usage of electricity to motors. Meaning that, for example, electric cars could drive 10 times as far on a single battery charge


Can save up to 95% usage of electricity in homes and buildings


Can save up to 95% on heating and hot water energy usage; no natural gas boilers needed

Some ways of tapping into new energy include:
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Permanent magnet motors

  • Through creative geometrical configurations of magnets, the uniform quantum field is polarized into non-equilibrium, and stream of energy from the quantum field flows into the device.

Electromagnetic motors 

  • When an electrical current passes through an inductor (such as a coil wire) a magnetic field is created. This magnetic field can provide an additional input of voltage when sudden changes in the flow of current are attempted, also known as back EMF. Electromagnetic motors retain this additional voltage to do work.
Magnetic field


  • When treated with resonant frequencies, the atomic components of water can separate themselves and 'free up' hydrogen to use for electricity

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR)

  • LENR is the process of harnessing the energy intrinsic in atoms such as copper and iron. These atoms have a nuclear spin and thus magnetic properties. When placed in a resonant magnetic field, they vibrate at their natural frequency and release energy in the process. That energy can be used for heating and to conduct electricity.


  • Plasma is the 4th state of matter, beyond gas, and occurs when a substance is ionized enough. Plasma has electromagnetic properties that can be used as heat. One example is electromagnetic cavitation: when microscopic bubbles implode in high pressure underwater, they release high voltage plasma.


Nui Tech is applicable in at least two global markets: the Electric Motors Market and the Heating & Boiling Market

Motors alone use 45% of the world’s energy

NET produces clean electricity that is over 100 times cheaper
than any other form of electricity production, whether renewable or non-renewable.


NET produces clean electricity that uses over 2000 times less space than renewable
energy technologies and over 30 times less space than non-renewables.
This means energy will be decentralized and can be produced locally in homes, vehicles, offices and factories.