True revolutionaries and true leaders do not seek comfort.  They do not continue the status quo, they change it. They change it because it needs to be changed.  Because that is what evolution is, it morphs, transitions and spirals up to a higher octave.
We have a massively lulled society that accepts far too many 'ways of life' without ever doing the diligence to ask, 'Where did this come from? How does it serve me today? How does this impact me and my children, my future grandchildren?'
The true revolutionaries have incredible stories of struggle and strife. And they persevere no matter what they can lose. They do it because they are willing to be the oddballs, to become ostracized, to take the flying flamed arrows.
And they make BE-ing a human being in this world a far better place. Because they are courageous enough to do it.
- Nui guiding philosophy
Nui is a values-based and purpose-driven organization. Our values are at the center of all decisions, at the heart of why and how we operate. 
We believe business should be done with integrity and with respect for people and the planet. That's why we created an Ethical Business Blueprint that includes the following values…

Community Business Structure

The Nui Foundation is established as a Community Interest Company (CIC) in the UK which is legally defined as: “A social enterprise that uses their profits and assets for the public good and for the benefit of the community.” For us business is about innovative, inspired co-creation and shared prosperity. Nui was created to exemplify how a business in the energy industry, can ethically prosper and share abundance.
This means Nui has no stocks or shareholders and thus, no dividends. Instead we seek Investors, small and large, who can acquire Revenue Loan Shares. RSL are at-risk investments limited to Return on Investment (ROI) of 1000% and is based on a percentage of all Nui Tech™ net-sales.
Our goal is to distribute NET to communities all over the world, not to maximize profits for shareholders. 

Transparent and Ethical Profit Share

Nui values your trust, and we begin to build it through transparency.  We will publish the distribution of profit from sales of Nui Tech™ so that we are 100% accountable to you.
We also believe in limiting the gap between the highest paid and the lowest paid Nui staff because we measure success by the economic wellbeing of all staff, not just one.

Research and development for purification and healthy drinking water

Research and development of methods to treat human diseases and restore them back to wholeness and health

Supporting awareness and educational initiatives that shares science about NET

Supporting initiatives to restore unbalanced ecosystems and to grow trees

100% Profits to Nui Projects

Net-Profit after Foundation running costs, ROI to Investors and Royalties to Inventors, are 100% dedicated towards endeavors that benefit people and the planet.
In addition to further incubating NET, we intend on supporting educational development of NET and non-traditional science, such as Indigenous science.
Other projects we want to support involve health technologies that are harmonious to the human biofield and water technologies that purify water. As well as ecosystem and agroforesty projects that regenerate lands.

Inclusive Manufacturing Process

We encourage inclusive collaboration rather than exclusive self-interest, that is why we are developing an online Nui Manufacturing Portal.
All manufacturers in the Nui Manufacturing Network will build to the same blueprints shared via Nui Manufacturing Portal, and all improvements and evolutions of NET design will be automatically uploaded to the network. This will create the conditions for rapid design development and opportunities for collective learning.

Circular Product Lifecycle

As opposed to the prevailing economic model of the supply chain that “takes-makes-disposes,” a circular economic model is a cycle that borrows-makes-recycles. Our main goal is to mimic Nature in her efficient resource use and natural recycling process. We are developing a circular, non-wasteful and alive process of production.
The lifecycle phases of NETs consist of product design, raw material acquirement, manufacturing, distribution, use, and collection. At each stage there are opportunities for collaboration and innovation to implement key features all NET must have: long-lasting durability, renewability and take-back plans.
Nui’s success is interdependent on our partners’ ability to understand, adapt to, and engage with our circular supply cycle vision because it cannot be achieved alone. It requires all of us.

Decentralized Manufacturing

“New Energy Technology should be built by local communities across the world in order to create local jobs, local prosperity, and local resilience.” 

– Nui guiding philosophy

Nui has created frameworks to support local manufacturing because we believe in the power of communities to be self-governing, self-sufficient and prosperous.
We envision a world where off-grid living is possible, and the 1 billion people currently without electricity may receive power to consciously build their communities, sanitation systems and transportation using clean, abundant and locally-produced energy.

Overcoming Ownership

“If you invent it, you own it. We don’t own you”

- Nui guiding philosophy

Every inventor and technology is one-of-a-kind. Every investor and manufacturer engages differently. Each one of our partners are unique and sovereign. That’s why we have created an Enlightened Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy personalized to the capabilities and boundaries of each Inventor Team.
Nui does not seek to own, control or dominate the ideas that inventors generate.

Open Source Support

Subject to inventor license agreements, Nui will open-source the blueprints for New Energy Technologies after initial market sales in order to help those in the most need, stimulate new economies and technological revolutions.