Legal Ethics

NUI Legal Hub Activities

The NUI Legal Hub consists of legal, political and governmental individuals, groups and organisations who have affiliated with NUI Landing.

The prime activity of the NUI Legal Hub is to ensure the morally right functioning of human to human relations and human to planet relations. One way it achieves this is by working with NUI Landing to create and maintain the NUI Moral Principles, a set of moral and ethical guidelines that all those affiliated within the NUI Landing organisation will adhere to.The nui legal hub will connect externally into the world and interact with existing political and governmental establishments to advise upon the ramifications of what emerges from within the nui fellowship and the inevitable impact that will have on existing legal and governmental frameworks around the world.

The NUI Legal Hub are responsible for creating NUI Conscious Contracts for engagement strategies with inventors in the NUI Inspiration Hub, and businesses in the NUI Business Hub. A key philosophy of the NUI Conscious Contracts involves moving away from the need to “own” people or technologies, and instead to work collaboratively and respect sovereignty. This enables and honours the “natural flow” of inspiration that wishes to emerge within the entire NUI Landing organisation.

The NUI Legal Hub has “teeth”. Internally, the NUI Legal Hub are responsible for holding all activity in the NUI Business Hub to account in adherence to the NUI Moral Principles and NUI Conscious Contracts. Externally, the NUI Legal Hub are influential with governmental and political organisations and create collaborative “transitioning” plans for society due to the disruptive technologies and ideas that are emerging from NUI Landing.

Case Study: A Small Government affiliates with the NUI Legal Hub

In this case study, a representative of the government of a small country in Africa has been made aware of NUI Landing and wishes to engage the organisation because she has the fore-vision to know that the implication of what is flowing through NUI landing and out into the world will have an inevitable impact on her country, for example in the way her country will generate clean electricity.

The representative then engages directly with the NUI Legal Hub, who have as their responsibility to determine whether to affiliate with this particular government. The representative of the government and their lawyers are then walked through the NUI Moral Principles in detail to see if they are able to accommodate such principles within their own code of practice. It is found that fundamental changes within the code of practice for that government are needed in order for it to align with the NUI Moral Principles. Nonetheless, this representative has great sway within the government, and she has the will to proceed.

Work is completed to bring the government into line with the NUI Moral Principles which means that they can then become a full affiliate of the NUI Legal Hub. Agreements are finally made and signed, and this opens up the full network of NUI Landing, including access to technology that can significantly help her country in many sectors such as health, clean water and energy production.

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Does the NUI Legal Hub resonate with you?

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