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NUI Business Hub Activities

The NUI Business Hub consists of investors, entrepreneurs and businesses who have decide to become an affiliate of NUI Landing.
The prime activity of the NUI Business Hub is to facilitate the development of new technologies and ideas flowing through the NUI Inspiration Hub out into the world. All those affiliated with the NUI Business Hub have access to the range of breakthrough technologies and ideas that are generated from within the NUI Inspiration Hub, which includes technologies to generate clean electricity and health technologies that offer a radical alternative to current technology.
The NUI Business Hub ensures that sensible business decisions are made to keep the organisation as a whole funded and operational, and also satisfies the financial interests of all stakeholders. It achieves this by generating profits from commercial activity that flow back into NUI Landing which then supports activity in the NUI Inspiration Hub and the NUI Legal Hub.
There is great flexibility within the NUI Business Hub to allow for interaction with everything from large well-established companies to start-ups that emerge from the NUI Inspiration Hub.

Case Study: An Entrepreneur affiliates with the NUI Business Hub

In this case study, there is an entrepreneur with a background in the renewable energy industry who is interested in developing technologies to generate clean electricity, and also would like to generate profit from such an enterprise. She has become familiar with the possibility of technologies that can generate clean electricity using radically new methods, and that access to such technologies is possible through NUI Landing.

She contacts NUI Landing via the website and asks to join as an affiliate of the NUI Business Hub. Part of this agreement will involve the entrepreneur to consider the benefits to all stakeholders within her business, and to ensure that her business is conducted in an ethical and moral way. This conduct and adherence to the NUI Landing moral principles is ensured by the activities of the NUI Legal Hub. She feels comfortable with this, because the reason she got into renewable energy in the first place was to do some good in the world, and she is willing to adapt her business practices to accommodate an even more ethical way to conduct business.

After the entrepreneur is accepted by the NUI Business Hub and signs as an affiliate, this opens up access to the entire NUI Landing network: she then rubs shoulders and collaborates with like-minded entrepreneurs and businesses in the NUI Business Hub in order to create business plans; she accesses radical new technologies and ideas flowing through from the NUI Inspiration Hub; and she calls upon the NUI Legal Hub to facilitate this entire process.

A requirement of signing as an affiliate is that a percentage of any profits are directed back to NUI Landing to facilitate the ongoing financial support of the NUI Inspiration Hub and the NUI Legal Hub. She understands the value of this by having continued access to inspired technologies and ideas from the NUI Inspiration Hub and ongoing legal support from the NUI Legal Hub.


Does the NUI Business Hub resonate with you?

To enquire about affiliating with the NUI Business Hub, please contact us and tell us about yourself and / or your organisation. We treat all information with strict confidence and in complete trust.