What is Moral Technology?

Moral technologies are harmonious with humans and the planet. The intention is the driving force behind the development of the mechanics. This means that there is total consideration for the health of the users of the technology. How it's made, the materials, and labor matters. How its existence benefits society is also an important factor in what constitutes moral technology. Moral technologies serve humanity rather than destroy it.

Pioneers of Moral Technology

The NUI Foundation for Moral Technology seeks to bring forward the work of many great pioneers in technological development who are almost unknown in today's world of science and technology. These include the following:

Rudolf Steiner

Philosopher & Scientist [1861-1925]
Rudolf Steiner was the first person to define 'Moral Technology'. He described a future path for Mankind's development where "consciousness" and "morality" would be intrinsic in the development of science and technology. He is quoted to have said "the mechanical and the moral must interpenetrate each other, because the mechanical is nothing without the moral. Today we stand hard on this frontier. In the future machines will be driven not only by water and steam, but by spiritual force, by spiritual morality." [Berlin, 2 January 1906]

Lili Kolisko

Researcher and Scientist [1889-1976]
Lili Kolisko was one of Anthroposophy's most important researchers and advocates. She dedicated her life to examining how pure spiritual forces could directly affect the growth of plants and how cosmic star forces could be seen to be real in the world. She attempted to build a bridge between the spiritual and the physical through rigorous scientific approaches.

John W. Keely

Inventor [1837-1898]
According to Rudolf Steiner, John Worrell Keely was the pioneer of true 'Moral Technology' - technologies that work with harmony, vibration and frequency. It was said that Keely's inventions worked depending upon the "morality" of the person operating them. This, Steiner said, was the future for humanity's technological development - true Moral Technology.

Pioneers of New Energy Technologies

An example of a Moral Technology developed by the Nui Foundation are New Energy Technologies that provide a decentralized form of abundant and clean electricity for homes, buildings and vehicles. It is more efficient than renewable and conventional energy technologies and because it is decentralized, no energy company controls it.


Here we showcase the inspiring pioneers of New Energy Technologies:

Viktor Schauberger

Inventor & Scientist [1885 - 1958]
Schauberger was a natural scientist whose ideas were way ahead of his time. His discovery of the enormous energy potential contained in living water led him to develop the technology of implosion (the opposite to explosion) with radical new forms of propulsion and an appliance that converted lifeless water into healing water with the vitality of a mountain spring. His insights about vortex energy and implosion have made possible the development of a new range of products that give us sustainable and healing energy, and show the way to healing our environment.

Nikola Tesla

Inventor & Scientist [1856-1943]
Nikola Tesla was a prolific inventor of hundreds of technologies we take for granted today, including alternating current (AC) electricity, motors, radio, X-rays and wireless power amongst many other inventions. His greatest gift to Mankind was New Energy Technology that created a clean and abundant source of power and electricity without extracting natural resources, that has yet to be taken up into our society.