NUI Inspiration Hub Activities

The NUI Inspiration Hub consists of individuals and organisations who are involved with technical and scientific research and development, media, education, academia, and other activities that require the need to conduct their work in a spirit of independence and freedom.

The nui inspiration hub will create a space to allow true inspiration to “flow in”. This has resulted in a range of breakthough ideas technologies being developed, independent education programmes to flourish, and a free and independent media to form. Activities include the production of articles, white papers, newsletters, books, websites, conferences and other information on the research and activities which are being supported in connection to NUI Landing.

Within the NUI Inspiration Hub subsidiary 'faculties' have been established which specialise in collecting like-minded contributors, allowing for the free-flow and exchange of ideas in language that does not have to be compromised in order to be understood by participants from different backgrounds. All activity within the NUI Inspiration Hub are completed independently without, for example, the need to satisfy any economic driver imposed from businesses or governments.

Case Study: The Garage Inventor

In this case study, there is a lone “garage inventor” working on a novel technology to generate clean electricity that appears to violate the existing laws of physics. He is shunned by the academic community for daring to suggest that such a device can exist. He has little in the way of business acumen, and he finds it difficult to find financial funding for his venture because he worries people are often trying to steal his ideas. He is self-funded, sometimes with help from friends and family, but in the main, he has very little money. He works alone for very long hours in his garage on his device and feels intuitively “guided” in his endeavours. He feels he is birthing something very special into the world but wonders whether the world is ready for such a technology.

The garage inventor hears about NUI Landing from a friend. He is instantly suspicious, as he has learned to be suspicious about any organisation who might want to steal his ideas. However, he trusts his friend and his friend is saying good things about them. The garage inventor studies the NUI Landing website, does his “background checks” (a Google search) on those involved with the organisation, and feels comfortable with proceeding. The first activity is the inventor expresses an interest in becoming affiliated with the NUI Inspiration Hub by using the contact form on the website.

Next the NUI Inspiration Hub team pick up the information and create a dialogue with the inventor to build trust through secure email, instant messaging and video calls (all protected by cybersecurity). All information is recorded in the NUI Landing affiliate database and treated strictly as ‘Confidential’. Gradually enough trust is developed in the relationship for the technology to be assessed by the technology vetting team within the NUI Inspiration Hub. This is a team of trusted and experienced technology vetters that have assessed dozens of different devices similar to that of the inventor. Before any visit is arranged, the NUI Legal Hub are engaged to create a “conscious” non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect the intellectual property (IP) of the inventor. The NDA will be “conscious” because the intent is not to legally bind the inventor in any way, but merely to create a space of trust between the inventor and the vetting team to be able to collect information on the technology. The vetting team then visit the inventor in person in a neutral location. The details of the performance of the device are recorded and reported on, and then all information is again made strictly ‘Confidential’.

The technology passes the NUI Inspiration Hub criteria as a “promising and relevant technology” and the inventor is then invited to become a full affiliate of the NUI Inspiration Hub. This opens up access to the inventor to the full network of NUI Landing and allows possibilities, for example, to collaborate with other inventors doing similar work, or to work with the education team within the NUI Inspiration Hub to create an online course helping other inventors to learn the principles behind these radical new technologies.

After joining as an affiliate, a stable source of income is identified for the inventor so that he can continue his work to develop his technology. This will take care of his immediate requirements. Next, with the permission of the inventor, the technology is presented to ethical and conscious entrepreneurs and businesses in the NUI Business Hub who have themselves been previously vetted by the NUI Business Hub to have high moral and ethical standards.

A match is found between a particular business and the technology of the inventor, and the NUI Legal Hub are called in to create a NUI 'Conscious Contract'. This contract will be created from a place of high consciousness and ethics by “conscious lawyers” who have been vetted by the NUI Legal Hub to ensure they themselves are in harmony with the high moral and ethical standards of NUI Landing. This NUI Conscious Contract creates a space for both the inventor and the business to be able to thrive. This allows the technology to be developed in a professional and conscious way via the NUI Business Hub and out into the world. Profits generated from the technology then flow back into NUI Landing, which allows for the next cycle of inventors to be seed funded in the NUI Inspiration Hub, as well as to pay for the services of the NUI Legal Hub to facilitate the entire process.

Garage Inventor

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To enquire about affiliating with the NUI Inspiration Hub, please contact us and tell us about yourself and / or your organisation. We treat all information with strict confidence and in complete trust.