A Hawaiian word that means 'Big', 'Great', 'Important', 'Prime', 'Abundant', 'Group’ and 'Immense’ – all values that encapsulate the vision of the Nui Foundation.


New Energy Technology (NET)
A sub-set of Moral Technologies. These are “continuous renewable energy technologies” that create clean and abundant amounts of power, such as electricity and heat, 24 hours per day. NET significantly outperform conventional renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind, as well as non-renewable energy technologies such as oil, gas and nuclear power.



Our Mission

Our mission is to provide an Ethical Business Blueprint for the Professional Vetting, Incubation, Design, Manufacturing and Distribution of New Energy Technologies to communities across the world for the benefit of Planet Earth and Humankind.

Our Approach

Our Story

Our Vision

By working within a new paradigm of science, business and team-building, the Nui Foundation is changing the "rules of the game" and creating a network that reflects the abundant, cooperative nature of the Cosmos. Our vision is what we hope to accomplish through our work.
Incubate and secure the development of New Energy Technologies


Reduce towards zero the global cost of energy


Provide the strategic moral leadership to realize a global technological revolution


Enable research and business institutions to integrate these technological shifts into their broken practices and culture


Inspire individuals, companies and organizations to collaborate in a necessary transformation

To bring these Moral Technologies into the world, we have identified six problems that we seek to overcome:

Humanity has entered an “energy crisis age” in which power sources such as oil, coal and gas are unhealthy and finite.
We still rely on an archaic energy grid struggling to supply power under the ecological pressure of an increasing population and impacts from natural disasters.
Common Renewable Energy uses a vast amount of space and resources, are inefficient, and they will never provide enough energy to meet the demands of the world’s growing population.
Alternative solutions to provide clean & abundant power called New Energy Technologies (NET) have been held back from reaching the public over the past 120 years.
Younger generations are despairing at the current social, financial, educational and corporate systems, and how little regard it has for the environment.
Because the field of NET has lacked professional and objective vetting standards, millions of dollars have been wasted by investors on developing fake overunity devices.