The NUI Foundation Mission

The Mission of the NUI Foundation for Moral Technology is to provide a credible central organisation which connects highly innovative scientists, engineers, academics and other mission-oriented individuals with powerful problem-solving ideas to materially and ethically competent politicians, financiers and business people with the resources to timely introduce Moral Technologies out into the world for the betterment of Planet Earth and Mankind.


NUI Inspiration Hub

Are you inspired and creative? Are you an Inventor? A Scientist? Do you want to share ideas with the world through Media and Education?

Do you want to realise your full potential in order to change the world with breakthrough ideas and technologies?

If so, join the NUI Inspiration Hub as an affiliate to work in freedom and independence.

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NUI Business Hub

Are you an Entrepreneur? In Business? An Investor?

Do you want to facilitate breakthrough new ideas and technologies into the world and conduct business in a ethical way where people and planet actually matter?

If so, join the NUI Business Hub as an affiliate to "Connect Inspiration to the World".

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NUI Legal Hub

Are you a Lawyer? In Politics? In Government?

Do you want to use your skills to introduce breakthrough technology and ideas to the world through the legal and governmental systems in an ethical way?

If so, join the NUI Legal Hub as an affiliate to ensure the morally right functioning of human to human relations and human to planet relations.

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