The Nui Foundation Mission

The Mission of the Nui Foundation for Moral Technology is to provide an Ethical Business Blueprint for the Professional Vetting, Incubation, Design, Manufacturing and Distribution of Moral Technology to communities across the world for the benefit of Planet Earth and Humankind.

Since 1993

The Nui Foundation
Nikola Tesla (1856-1943) - the Pioneer of New Energy Technology (NET)

Moral Technology

Moral Technology is technology that is developed in consideration of the natural harmony with people and the planet, in contrast to technologies that exploit and harm people and pollute the planet.
A sub-set of Moral Technologies is New Energy Technology, or NET. These are continuous renewable energy technologies that create clean and abundant amounts of power, such as electricity and heat, 24 hours per day without a central grid. NET significantly outperform conventional renewable energy technologies such as solar and wind, as well as non-renewable energy technologies such as oil, gas and nuclear power.

What We Do

Nui has established the Nui Institute for New Energy Technology (NINETS), the first NET standards organization that uses professional protocols to identify, assess and vet New Energy Technology.
Using the NINETS Protocols and Professional Engineering Capability, Nui incubates New Energy Technologies from 'Benchtop Prototype' level to 'Manufacturing Ready' level, ready for distribution to communities around the world.

Since 1993

Nui Philosophy

Nui Philosophy

“For every step forward we take in our technological development, we must take two steps forward in our moral and ethical development.”

- Nui guiding philosophy

Nui believes that HOW we do things is the key to realizing Moral Technology in our world - that technology development & morality must go hand in hand.
Nui has been established as a Community Interest Company in the UK which is “a social enterprise that uses their profits and assets for the public good and for the benefit of the community.”
Nui defines itself by being a values based organisation and have developed an Ethical Business Blueprint that places ethics and environmental consideration at the heart of all business decisions.

Since 1993

Nui Buzz

The Nui Foundation is active in the development of Moral Technology.
As well as developing technologies, we present at conferences, publish books and are involved with documentaries to promote education about Moral Technology.
For the latest information on Nui activity, check out the Nui Buzz.

Since 1993

Engage with Nui

We are actively looking for partners to collaborate with Nui's Vision, including:
  • inventors,
  • investors,
  • scientists,
  • engineers,
  • manufacturers,
  • distributors,
  • academics,
  • lawyers,
  • policy makers,
  • community representatives
  • and all others who "feel the call" to contribute.